Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inaugural Man Movie State Of The Union Address


So we are officially a week and a day in on this crazy little endeavour... and we want to thank all 10 of you for taking the time out of your busy toilet/smartphone sessions to read our site.

A couple thoughts:

1) We would love to see some discussion going on here.  Maybe you think that these reviews are perfect...and encapsulate anything and everything that could be said or has been said about these movies.  It's totally possible, and we're not modest or naive enough to believe otherwise.  However, that doesn't excuse you from commenting.  That will be our lifeblood.  Troll us if you want, tell us that we suck, turn this into your bully pulpit on something totally unrelated; we don't care!  We just want to see your words living right next to our words (be it in linguistic harmony or Word War Three [that was bad...but don't expect an apology]  ).

2) We have had some inter-staff suggestions:  Apparently right now we're coming across as whores for Amazon.  There will be a post early next week to catch you up on all the cheap and easy and viable ways of accessing any of these movies...and after that post, expect to see it all right next to each review.

3) We will also be changing the format a little.  Starting tonight, we will be posting the trailer ahead of the review to tantalize you and whet your tastebuds for the review that's coming next.

4) The management at Man Movie Guide will be taking a short jaunt into Mexico in an attempt to recharge batteries (metaphorically) and buy leather goods (literally).  With that in mind, we will be reviewing a masterpiece of mayhem and manliness in Mexico, The Magnificent Seven.

5) We are looking for some new ideas for recurring posts that will interest you, the reader.  If you have any suggestions for something you want to see on this site....let it be known!  We will hear you out, and we'll do our best not to mock your idea.

6) WORD OF MOUTH! It's important.  You need to spread it.  You need to tell everyone you know about our blog.  You need to hand out fliers.  You need to paint peoples' walls with the url.  What's in it for you, you ask?  Well, once our traffic gets up a little higher, we will be doing several giveaways.  Some will be as simple as free DVDs; others...a bit more cryptic, esoteric, pretentious...or maybe even disgusting and dangerous.  But the simple fact of the matter is that we won't start giving away stuff until it's more than just our closest friends and family and well-wishers logging in to place bets on when we're going to give up on this idea.

7) We can count at least this high.

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