Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nuggets: The Magic Blade

So this movie got us thinking about how similar westerns and kung fu movies really are.  We're sure we're not the first ones to think that... and we're sure we're not the first to refer to a kung fu movie as an "eastern"; but this movie really did follow a similar trajectory.

We can't say a whole lot without ruining some nice little twists.  However, we can talk about how badass the character Fu is.  The movie starts off with him coming after a gent named Yen Nan-fei that he had once dueled with, intent on killing him.  Before their fight can be resolved, Yen is attacked by some pretty awesome assassins.  Fu lets these assassins know that the only man that is going to be killing Yen is Fu himself.  Fu, in fact, goes so far as to journey alongside Yen to kill all the assassins out to get Yen... so that Fu can later kill Yen.  We know.  Fucking awesome.

The fighting isn't the best, but it does have its moments.  It also features some pretty offbeat weapons, which is nice.  Apart from how badass some of these characters are, the best thing in the movie are the names of the assassins; perhaps the best being Devil Grandma.

In other words, just watch it.

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